This is a campaign for three players run by Smith and Marla. Each player will control 3 PCs, one in the heroic tier, one paragon, and one epic. Each group of PCs will have different but complementary objectives working towards a common goal. The group being played will change week-to-week, according to how events experienced by one group affect the others.

The Heroic Tier PCs are part of the Thayan resistance attempting to free Thay from its current oppressive rule.

The Paragon Tier PCs are members of an organization of interplanar do-gooders known as the Green Cloaks. They have been enlisted by the Thayan resistance to help them free their homeland by enlisting extraplanar allies and gathering information.

The Epic Tier PCs are a rag-tag group of powerful adventurers who have been hired by the Green Cloaks to infiltrate the Nine Hells and get to the bottom of the powerful figures backing the current Thayan rulers.

This campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms universe, however information in this wiki will be considered canon over any conflicting Forgotten Realms info.

Devil's Dilemma