Green Cloaks

The Green Cloaks are a good-aligned organization that strives to unseat evil powers across several planes.


The founders of the Green Cloaks apparently originated on Faerun, but records from that period are spotty at best, several having been lost during the spellplague. The generally accepted theory is that the founders were powerful heroes who aided in protecting the region of Neverwinter from a Luskan plot. After the conclusion of their adventure, the party, which had become famous for the distinctive green cloaks they wore, founded an organization to help protect good-aligned regions from the designs of their neighbors.


The Green Cloaks do not have a single, central base, in order to make them more difficult targets for retaliation. Rather, they have several small bases scattered throughout several planes. The locations are generally kept secret, but it is known that bases exist in Faerun and the Feywild, and there are rumours that they exist on even more inhospitable planes.


The Green Cloaks, as an organization, have two main goals. First, to maintain order by protecting good-aligned nations and peoples from evil. Second, to seek out and destroy evil creatures, such as liches, the undead, devils, and demons.


The Green Cloaks accept those of any race, so long as they can demonstrate that they are committed to the goals of the Green Cloaks. Often, those recruited to join the Green Cloaks are already adventurers of some skill, selected once their deeds have become well known and once they have proved themselves against some minor villains. A majority of the current members of the organization are human or members of one of the fey races, due mainly to these races proclivities towards good alignments. However, the Green Cloaks have at least some members of every race that commonly picks up the adventuring trade.

Green Cloaks

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