Zulkir is a title conferred upon eight master Red Wizards of Thay, each one specializing in one of the eight schools of arcane magic. Together, the Zulkirs rule Thay, although since Szass Tam’s rise to power, some say the other seven are merely Tam’s lieutenants or puppets.

Zulkirs hold their positions for life, or until he or she renounces the title. When a position opens, wizards of the same school of magic appoint the replacement, but often other zulkirs try to sway the election, making the appointment an intrigue-filled and ruthless event.

The current Zulkirs are:

School of Magic Zulkir
Abjuration Lallara Mediocros
Conjuration Nevron
Divination vacant
Enchantment Lauzoril
Evocation Kumed Hahpret
Illusion vacant
Necromancy Szass Tam
Transmutation Samas Kul


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